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Get Lit! Games designs and develops top AR, VR, and mobile games using Unity 3D. Our studio was founded back in 2014, and we’ve been growing ever since. Let us know what we can do for you, and read on to check out some of the games we’ve created.

Latest Project

Grasslands is a high performance voxel-based survival game built using Unity 3D with real progression, achievements, leaderboards, and it will reward exploration.

Grasslands is our latest project here at Get Lit Games. We are trying to bring something new and special to fans of Adventure, Survival, RPG and Social Games and make a game for everyone with deep and complex ways to play the game no matter who you are.


Whether you're an Adventurer exploring long forgotten crypts for rare and powerful treasure, a simple farmer providing for those who protect you, or even a viscous warlord killing for glory and loot, you'll have plenty to do in Grasslands!

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A voxel-based multiplayer survival game planned for release on Steam, to be available for PC, Mac, and XBox.

Good Fortune

A fortune telling mobile game that will soon be available for iOS and Android.


Our first as-yet unreleased survival game project that passed Steam Greenlight.

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